Young, Wild, & Three Birthday Party Theme, Decoration Ideas, and Family Photos


three year old birthday party ideasA Young, Wild, and Three theme is perfect for celebrating a three-year-olds birthday! I’m sharing my favorite tips from the invitations, to the outfit, to the decor ideas!

My favorite picture from the day! The anticipation!!

Aniston turned 3 in March and I’ve been meaning to share her birthday details with you. I LOVE planning parties for my two girls. I had so much fun with her “Some Bunny is One” party which you can find by clicking here:

Some Bunny is One – Aniston’s First Birthday Party Decor and Easter Craft Ideas

Her 2nd birthday party was a “Tea for Two” theme which I will go back and blog about soon.

I was planning to have a “Wild One” party for Heidi so I decided to use a “Young, Wild & Three” party for Aniston so I could use some of the same decorations.

I bought the girls a teepee from Amazon. This was a fantastic decision. It served as a place for photos to be taken, a birthday present to both girls from us and decor for both of the parties. In fact, we liked it so much that we have left it set up in our living room and have no intentions of taking it down anytime soon. I researched forever before deciding on this one. You can click on the photo to head over to Amazon. It was around $80 and I was happy with the one I picked out.

I also purchased some lights… these were a little tricky the first time but then we had it down. They are so pretty! (Again, click the picture to see them!)

My friend Lindsey came over to take photos of the girls since Heidi was turning one and Aniston was turning 3 around the same time. And let me just tell you… it is next to impossible to take a picture of 2 children their age with both smiling. Luckily my husband was not afraid to act as goofy as needed to try to get the right picture. I wanted to use these on the birthday invitations so we took them about a month before the parties. Here are just a few of my favorites. 🙂

I ordered my invites from ETSY. Aren’t they cute???

I designed the back myself quickly on the Walgreens Photo website and was happy with the way they turned out. I was able to print about 20 invitations pretty inexpensively that way and pick them up in a few hours. I let Aniston tell me who she wanted to invite and she only named family members. We have a huge family so it took her a while just to name the immediate family members. I decided to roll with that and let her worry about a “friends” birthday party later in life! 🙂 I think at this age less is better for the child and not too overwhelming!

Loved how this summed up Aniston. 🙂

Okay, back to the party. You can find a ton of stuff to help you plan a party like this. Hobby Lobby had lots of cute stuff but I ended up returning quite a few things and using simple decorations.

If you are planning a party for a toddler I want to urge you to think about their nap time. For me it always works out best to plan the party to start right as they would normally be waking up from their nap. I love doing it this way because the child is in a good mood and you have all of that time to rush around getting ready while they are sleeping away!

Aniston has dropped her nap so the timing didn’t matter too much. I chose 4:30 so I knew that Heidi would be awake and I could serve Aniston’s choice of pizza, cake, and ice cream. I didn’t want to start too late and run into the girls’ bedtime routines.

One of the easiest things I always try to do is create their age on my pantry door using photos. The guests always love to look at pictures while they are mingling and I think it really helps celebrate how special the birthday girl/boy is. I try to incorporate pictures of the people who will be at the party.

Any pictures that don’t fit on the number are used to decorate the rest of the party area. I take TONS of photos of my girls so there are no shortages of pictures around here!

On the mantle, I placed a couple of framed pictures of Aniston and hung a feathered garland. (I got the feathered garland from Amazon and will link it below.)  I thought it added a nice touch to the party.

You can click on the photo to go through my affiliate link. I was happy with this one and after the party I wrapped it around the teepee where it is still hanging!

Another thing I ordered from Amazon was a plain white dreamcatcher to hang on the teepee and added some ribbon I got from my mom. I wanted to order a white one so I could change out the colors as needed. It was really beautiful and inexpensive. It was around $10 when I purchased it. Just a tip… make sure to read the specifications about sizes first. You can get an idea for the size of mine from the pictures and I thought it was perfect. I found several other ones on Amazon that I almost purchased but later realized they were pretty tiny. You can click on this photo to see the one I decided on.


I know this picture is a little dark but you can get an idea of how the living room looked. We just twisted some streamers around the fan and I set Aniston’s baby albums on the console beneath the tv.

If you turned around backwards, you would see this view:

I hung a gold A I grabbed for a couple dollars from Hobby Lobby. Dustin and I laughed after filling it with helium. It wouldn’t stay up at all so we might as well have filled it with air. It was much smaller than I was imagining, but worked out fine hanging above the island.

I like to pick up some plain plates and napkins from the Dollar Tree or Walmart and mix them with one other set of decorative ones. I let Aniston use a gold Washi tape to decorate the cups. She loved doing that! I also like to stick the party invitation in a frame somewhere near the food table.

I forgot to say how excited Aniston was about this party. She talked about the big day for weeks and weeks. She had every little detail planned out in her mind. She is such a sweet girl and genuinely thrilled for anybody who has a birthday so she was especially excited about her own!

We have the cutest little children’s boutique in Manchester called Sprout’s Children Shop. I bought her birthday dress there along with the crown headband. (You’ll notice that Heidi had a matching crown headband that went along with her “one” outfit in the pictures above.) The sizing on Aniston’s  dress says 12m – 5T. Sounds a little crazy but you can see that on a 1 year old it would be like a long/poofy gown and on a 5 year old it would be a short dress. I had to have it and will probably have each of the girls wear it a few times to make sure we get our use out of it!:)


These are some of my favorite pics from the day!

Let me know what you think in the comments! I would love to hear about your money saving and unique birthday party ideas!

Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week friends!

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