Wild One – One Year Old Theme and Decoration Ideas

Wild One Birthday Outfit for First Birthday PartyA Wild One theme is perfect for the first birthday celebration of a girl or boy! I’m sharing my favorite decor ideas, the cake we used, the invitations, photo ideas, outfit choices, and other ways to plan a party on a budget!

Baby Heidi is one! Just the sentence makes my heart skip a beat. I can’t believe it. Ya’ll- the one year old age is tough but it is so bittersweet seeing them grow up! I can be at my wit’s end one minute and ready for a much-needed break and the next minute feel like sobbing because she is growing up so fast and I want to keep her little forever! Do you feel me?!? 🙂

I always look around for party inspiration on pinterest and found so many cute ideas for a “Wild One” Birthday party that I had to use that theme. I have since heard from the party guests that the theme was not appropriate as she is a pretty laid back baby. BUT, she can be wild when she wants to be so I’m okay with it. When you are thinking of this theme think of arrows and tee-pees. I loved using turquoise, coral, and silver as the main colors.

I also decided to do a “Young, Wild, & Three” party for Aniston’s third birthday which was about 3 weeks before we had Heidi’s. I wanted to be able to use some of the same decorations so this worked well.

You can click here to see that party!

Aniston’s Young Wild & Three Party, Decor, & Family Pics

I took the girls searching for party supplies. I bought a few things here and there like cupcake liners or a #1 ballon, but was thrilled when I found a whole “Wild One” section at Hobby Lobby. I went a little crazy buying matching supplies there and ended up taking back most of it because I didn’t need as much as I thought. BUT, they have the cutest party supplies there if you want to go the quick route and purchase them.

This was the finished mantle. I used the banner from Hobby Lobby as well as the high chair banner with the “Wild One” on the front. I had made a fabric high chair skirt for Aniston’s 1st birthday and just pulled it out to use with this party. It is basically a long piece of ribbon with long strips of torn fabric tied around it.

If you want to see the “Some Bunny is One” birthday party you can click here:

Some Bunny is One – Aniston’s First Birthday Party Decor and Easter Craft Ideas

I used our antique high chair, a canvas from our recent family photos, a framed picture of Aniston announcing our pregnancy with Heidi (Big Sister’s Training Camp photo), and her invite. I also tied a #1 silver balloon on one of my torn wreaths. I really liked the way the fireplace turned out. Simple but birthday-ish… 🙂

I had researched quite a bit and purchased a teepee, lights, feathered garland, and dreamcatcher on Amazon, which you can find by clicking on the photos below. I was really happy with all of the items I ordered.

I tied ribbons around the white dreamcatcher to give it some color. I’m so happy about these purchases because they served several purposes.

  1. Party decor
  2. Family photo props
  3. Birthday Present for the girls!

We had family photos taken about a month before the girls’ birthdays since they were turning 1 and 3 and I wanted to use the pictures on their invitations. Here are a few of my favorites.


Heidi still has her milk and egg allergy so I made a vegan cake with vegan icing and arranged some fruit on top for her smash cake. She was way more into the fruit then she was that cake!

I had an ETSY designer make the front of the invitations and used Walgreens photo to add some photos on the back and print them quickly.


I thought they turned out really cute for a last minute effort on the design. As you’ve seen before, I like to build the birthday girl’s magic number on our pantry door using pictures. The “1” was pretty easy to configure. I try to include pictures of people who will be at the party. Any extras are scattered or hung up throughout the party space. I think this is the perfect way to celebrate that special birthday girl and reflect on the past year.

I created a “Stats” picture for Heidi using the family pictures we had taken and powerpoint. It was super easy and fun!

I also had a coupon to make a free collage print on Shutterfly so I came up with this one:

Both of these pictures were put in frames and set out for guests to see.

My mom made a chocolate vegan cake because of Heidi’s allergies and I made non-vegan cupcakes.

The cake topper and cupcake toppers were from Hobby Lobby.

I think its cute to put an invite in a frame on the table. We had picked some flowers that morning so added those in some of my white china.

Thank goodness one of my best friends showed up early and helped me assemble these cute arrows. Just 3 marshmallows, a skewer, and the arrowheads and ends were made with some leftover scrapbook paper. (Be careful when little kids grab these!!!)

Did you take monthly photos of your baby? These look great strung from a banner with twine and clothespins. I used precut scrapbook paper to back them. I loved that the paper came in coordinating colors and that I didn’t have to worry about the orientation of the photos.

We took Baby Heidi’s monthly photos with numbers spelled out with flowers and also laying on a bunny with her “Heidi” swaddle blanket and blocks. I will be blogging about those soon.

We had so much fun at the party and the most important thing is how much Heidi enjoyed herself!

Her birthday outfit with the word “One” on it was from the cutest children’s shop in Manchester, TN called Sprout’s.

The birthday song was a huge hit with Heidi!!


After the party I found these next pictures on my phone back to back and thought, “No wonder people get my sister and I confused!” 🙂

What do you think? Would a “Wild One” party work for your baby? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Mommy-ing and Teaching this week friends!



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