Varsity Patch Letters & a Freebie


Varsity Patch Letters can help you achieve that adorable Stoney Clover Lane look in your classroom! Use these letters to create versatile bulletin boards and as classroom decor wherever you need a phrase or large word! Don’t forget to grab your freebie!

Varsity Patch Letters and a Freebie

Loving This Look?

So tell me, do you love the look of Stoney Clover Lane letters as much as I do? These bulletin board letters help you achieve that look anywhere in your room. I’m also sharing a fun planning freebie with you today!

I decided to create 3 packs of letters in various tones. Read though to find out if you prefer the pastel, bright, or neutral pack. If you can’t pick just one, you’re in luck because there is a bundle option!

Jewel Toned Bright Varsity Patch Letters inspired by Stoney Clover Lane

Bright Jewel-Toned Varsity Patch Letters Set

The bright jewel tones were the first set I created. I just love how colorful these look. They are beautiful against almost any background including white and wood, where they show up best. I made sure to include 5 tones of EVERY SINGLE LETTER. You will also find numbers and punctuation in the various jewel tones. I wanted you to be able to create whatever phrases or words you like without running into the issue of being stuck with the same color over and over.

I know it happens to me where I’m plugging along setting up a bulletin board only to discover that I have to use the same color over and over because of the letter sequence. No worries with any of these sets! Don’t like the green? No problem! Just use the other tones in the pack.

Neutral Varsity Patch Letter Tones

Neutral “Go with Anything” Varsity Patch Letters Set

I love the neutral tones if you worry about your existing decor. The white is very popular with this pack. Neutrals go with anything! You will love the way these letters and numbers look. I’ve included both larger and smaller letters in each set. You can easily create phrases or big one word titles as needed.

Pastel Varsity Patch Letters Set inspired by Stoney Clover Lane

Light and Airy Pastel Varsity Patch Letters Set

Honestly, when I was making these I thought the pastel set would be my least favorite but they are so beautiful! Once I put them together and start to spell words, I think they coordinate so great together and have such an adorable look to them. Just look at how beautiful the word “Math” looks in this set!

Pastel Light and Airy Varsity Patch Letters inspired by Stoney Clover Lane

The Varsity Patch Letters Bundle

Varsity Patch Letters Bundle of 15 tones

Of course, you will get the best bang for your buck by purchasing the bundle! It includes all 3 sets so you will have 15 tones to choose from as you create the bulletin boards and classroom decor of your dreams! In my classroom, I typically use the neutral set because I have lots of white, green, and blue in my room. However, in the hallway, I take turns using the bright and pastel sets. These ones are just so much fun!

Your Planning Freebie

Free Editable Planning Pages

Ready for your freebie? Head here to grab your EDITABLE and printable to do lists! These will also help you see what letter pack would work best in your classroom.

I love to use these to do lists to pick out my top 3 essential things that I have to accomplish each day. Bubble in the circle when you finish one. It feels so good! I use the other lined pages to take notes during any meeting. I’m a print it out type of girl so I always print them when I’m done and print a few to have on hand if I need to take notes with a pencil.

If you’re looking for more back to school ideas, head here to see how I set up my differentiated task boxes or here to read about making the switch to sound walls in the classroom!

Was this helpful? Let me know, friends. I LOVE hearing from you!

Happy Teaching & Parenting this week friends!


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