Unique Easter and Spring S’mores for the Classroom

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Easter and Spring S’mores are sure to keep student engagement high while working on essential ELA and Math skills for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. Today I’m sharing how we use these activities to work on writing!

Easter and Spring S'mores

Easter and Spring S’mores

Easter and Spring S’mores are such a hit with my students! I mean, can you really blame them?

Just typing this blog post about graham crackers, melted chocolate, and gooey marshmallows is making me so hungry!

Easter and Spring S'mores

Of course, we use colorful Peep brand marshmallows in either the bunny or chick shapes for this unique twist on the traditional s’more!

Students followed me down to the teacher lunch area with a clipboard, pencil, and the Taste Test bar graph in hand. They watched with excitement as the Peeps grew larger and larger in the microwave.

Each child took turns taking a bite and announcing whether they thought it was “Yum” or “Yuck”. So much fun! Later we worked on our writing page and the cut & paste sequencing printable included in my Easter Fun resource on TPT.

Easter and Spring S’mores Reminders

Make sure to double & triple check allergies in your classroom before completing this exercise. My daughter is allergic to milk and egg so we use allergy friendly chocolate chips to make hers.

I also want to warn you that it is so hard to say no to these!

Could you resist them?

Easy Egg Dying for the Classroom

Easy Easter Egg Dying Technique

We loved this simple technique for dying multiple eggs at one time. It was the perfect project when paired with the Easter Fun resource from TPT that also includes the s’mores printables shown above.

Have you read about the egg dying fun and our STEM project yet? If not, head here!

Hungry Bunny Pick a Card Game

Another thing we are busy doing is our Hungry Bunny Pick a Card game. Have you tried these yet? My students beg me to play them every day during our morning meeting and small group time.

In fact, I created these because I had so many teachers asking me for these games.

We use the one shown below to work on word reading and rhyming.

Head over here to read my recent blog post about Pick a Card games!

Hungry Bunny Pick a Card Game

Free CVC & CCVC Word Building Games

What could be better than hunting the room for Easter eggs? Well, I have the perfect games for you! When you subscribe to my newsletter list by clicking here, you will be sent 2 FREE sets of word building cards.

Free CVC and CCVC Word Building Cards

For the game above, I would mix and put all three letters AND the picture in an egg. I would fill 12 eggs and hide them around the classroom.

CVC Word Building Freebie by Pencils to Pigtails

Students use the included printables to write and draw a picture of the word after they unscramble the letters.

I’ve included CCVC words too! More details are included in this freebie!

Be sure to pin this image so you can revisit this blog post as needed later.

Easter and Spring S'mores

I hope you LOVE using all of these ideas in your classroom!

Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week friends!

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