St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, Writing Prompts, Twirlers and More!

St Patrick's Day Twirler Crafts for Kindergarten, Preschool, and First GradersThese St. Patrick’s Day twirler crafts are showstoppers in the hallway paired with creative writing prompts. I’m sharing the how-to and more ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students!

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Since becoming a TPT author, I have fallen in love with all the holidays again! My kids were so excited to make “Rainbow Twirlers” with this craftivity. When I showed them the sample, there was a collective “Oooohing and ahhhing” . 🙂

The resource has many writing prompts. For our hallway display, I gave them a choice of starting with the prompt “At the end of my rainbow…” or “If I found a pot of gold…” The kids loved having a choice and they got right to work. I loved their answers!


(At the end of my rainbow I would find chocolate and 50,000 rings.)

(At the end of my rainbow I will find a pot of gold.)

(At the end of my rainbow, I’d find 10 million coins and a trophy.)

(If I found a pot of gold I would buy a dog.)

LOVED this one from an ESL student!

I am so very proud of my kids. Sometimes it feels like the progress is so slow, but if you compare this writing to the beginning of the year, you would be blown away!

We spread the craft over 3 days. I let Aniston help me with the sample first at home. We used watercolor paints and I told her to paint a rainbow pattern. I laughed when my 2 year old corrected me and told me red was first in the rainbow!

I forgot to take pictures when my kids were working on this in the classroom, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea. It was a little messy, but easily cleaned with a Clorox wipe. I had them paint one side and wait a while before flipping it to paint the other side. I wasn’t picky at all about the patterns they made. Some painted swirls and others used completely random colors.

My awesome assistant Mel cut the plates into a swirl pattern using a die cut. You could do this by hand if needed.

The next day I let the kids choose one of the 2 pots in my resource to color and cut out. Mel added glitter to them and then we attached the rainbows. The kids were so proud of them!

St. Patricks Day Twirler Crafts

St Patricks Day Twirler Crafts

I LOVED how the hallway display turned out!

There are lots of other fun printables included in the resource. The kids loved the “Following Directions” coloring sheet. It was nice to hear them help each other read the directions.

The resource also includes some math activities and more crafts. I can’t wait to use them with my kids. Grab one for your students to make planning so much easier by clicking one of the pictures below!

Let me know how this goes in your classroom! I would love to see pictures!


Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day ideas? Try these EASY clover snacks with your kids!

Simple St. Patrick’s Day Clover Snacks by Pencils to Pigtails


Happy Mommy-ing & Teaching this week friends!

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