Retell Strategies using Technology for Young Children

retell strategies using technology

How to Teach Retell Strategies using Technology

Today I’m sharing something that has puzzled me for quite some time: how to teach retell strategies using technology! We’ll go over how to use Boom Cards or Google™ Classroom so students can read or listen to fairy tales, practice identifying characters or setting, place the major events in order, and so much more!

Retell Strategies using Technology

School Closures due to COVID19

I came up with this idea when schools were closed due to COVID19. Not all of my students have Internet or a device to use, so I began by creating hands-on activities which were almost like a condensed version of my differentiated morning boxes. These were so fun to prep and send home for students.

Distance Learning Packets

Hands-on Activities (Say no to too many worksheets!)

Each bag contained a box (you could also use a sandwich sized plastic bag) that included I can statement cards so the parents knew exactly what objectives to work on, small cards for students to practice months worth of skills, and so much more! The cards are purposefully smaller than the morning boxes so that even if you sent home ALL of the skills, you would only have to print 15 pages for each child and you could choose color or B & W. I think that’s a pretty low number for hundreds of cards & activities! You can head here to read more about what is included in those.

These boxes have been so helpful for me and my students. I plan to use these next year as optional “Homework Boxes”.

“Homework” Boxes

These pictures give you a little bit of an idea of what is included. On a normal school schedule, I will just send one or two task cards along with the smaller activity cards so parents can really focus on a small amount of skills and each child’s will be different depending on what they need to work on. Talk about differentiation!

distance learning packets

Free Miss You Cards

Be sure to read through to the end of this blog post so you can grab your free postcards shown above! You can tuck them in with packets or send them to students in the mail!

Retell Strategies using Technology

I knew I needed to work on essential reading strategies with my students but couldn’t figure out how I would work on these objectives without physically being with them. The major question was how could I teach retell strategies using technology? Hence, the idea for interactive fairy tales was born!

Retell Strategies using Technology

Interactive Fairy Tales

I’ve made interactive fairy tales, developed questions and answers about character and setting, and even given children chances to place major events in order all while using Boom Cards or Google™ Classroom! This idea makes them feel very game-like. You KNOW I love to use games in the classroom!

retell strategies using technology

Characters, Setting, and Major Events

I love the idea of students reading or listening to the complete fairy tale and then retelling the fairy tale on their own. Students can move the characters around as they retell the story, just like if they were using puppets! For example, as Goldilocks tries out the 3 chairs, the children can move her to each chair as they tell the story. Finally, the slides conclude with several questions about characters, setting, order of events, and so much more!

Retell Strategies using Technology

Boom Learning

The fairy tales are read aloud to students if you decide to use Boom Cards. Boom Cards are also self-checking. I personally prefer using this type because I find them to be very student-friendly. It’s so nice when I’m working with students that they can complete the entire deck without ever bothering me when I’m doing small group instruction. This is all because of the integrated sound and the fact that they are self-checking. Remember when I said even more skills were included? In the fairy tale bundle, students can work on ordering objects by size, one-to-one correspondence, compound words, and so much more!

Jack and the Beanstalk one-to-one correspondence

Try the Boom Cards out Yourself!

Guess what? You can listen in to a little of the story, look through, and then try moving the characters on the first 4 slides of the set above by clicking here!

retell strategies using technology

Google™ Slides Version

I do realize that not everyone prefers Boom Decks. Some of you are already using Google™ Classroom or Google™ Drive with your students. You may prefer the decks I’ve made to use with Google™ Slides. One bonus of using this version is that every deck includes some simple sentences for students to unscramble.

What Teachers are Saying

I was thrilled that other teachers are so excited about these too. Trust me, there have been many times where I was super pumped about a new product only to realize it wasn’t what teachers were really needing at the moment. WOMP! WOMP! (I definitely said that in a Charlie Brown teacher voice!)

Here are just a few reviews on these new resources!

“I LOVE the auditory component to this set!!! Many families are looking for independent learning activities during this time when they are working from home, as well. Kindergarten kids are often NOT able to read the question or the response. Thank you for adding this EXTRA feature to your bundle. I wish all BOOM card decks had this NECESSARY piece of instruction. Looking forward to more of your BOOM card creations!” -Holly

“I am a huge fairy tale fan! I love re reading a book all week and the class being so excited to act out the characters. My daughter (5 year old preschooler this year) has been enjoying the boom activities – she is so excited to complete the task on each card.” -Kara

“I just bought this bundle. This is by far THE BEST BOOM CARD stack that I have bought to date. I LOVE the auditory component, story element questions, numeral bean sort, and compound words. Please create more… just like this… GREAT JOB!” – Bill

What Else is Included

I didn’t even mention that you will also receive lots of other printables you can use when you are back together with your kids (or you have my permission to email them to parents!) Some of the bonus items include puppets, masks, word wall lists, word wall cards, differentiated writing prompts, apology letter & card templates from Jack to the Giant and from Goldilocks to the Three Bears, and so much more!

Where to Find These

You can take a look at all of my resources created specifically for Google™ Classroom here or for Boom Learning here! You can purchase the fairy tales separately or as a bundle. I’m creating 3 bundles – Classic Fairy Tales (which you’ve seen pictures of in this post), Royal Fairy Tales (can you guess what’s included???), and Forgotten Fairy Tales (So much fun!).

Don’t forget to grab your free Miss You postcards here!

three billy goats gruff retell

Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week friends!

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  1. Thank you SO much for creating this wonderful way to help the students practice their important skills and to enjoy the fairy tales! I have been stressing about how to do this on Zoom and email?? You saved the day! I am so grateful and excited to do Jack in the Beanstalk now!

    1. Jill,

      Thank you so much for always leaving the sweetest comments. You have the gift of encouragement! I appreciate you so much and am so glad that this is helpful!


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