Presidents Day Activities – Happy Birthday George Washington!

Cupcake to Celebrate Presidents Day by having a birthday party for George Washington

Your kindergarten, preschool, and first grade students will love learning about Presidents Day while celebrating George Washington’s birthday! I’m sharing fun ways to enjoy this holiday while learning all about our nation’s first president!

Happy Birthday George Washington!

I have just created a new resource for my store to celebrate Presidents’ Day and I’m so happy to share it with you! You can grab one by clicking on the title above.

This is a preview of some of the fun things you will find in this resource.


I’ve always been a little bored with President’s Day so I wanted to spice things up a bit with my class by having a birthday party in his honor. Did you realize that the Federal Government refers to President’s Day as “Washington’s Birthday?” I didn’t until I started working on this resource. I thought that was very interesting.

We have had so much fun making George Washington hats. The kids loved creating curls with long strips of white paper to go around the sentence strip. They were so intrigued by the fact that Washington’s hair was not actually white. He used powder because back then the thought was that you looked more powerful with white hair and curls! 🙂

George Washington Wigs

I loved the way they looked walking down the hall. 🙂

Our hallway display came out cute and it was super simple. The kids did all the work! The resource includes a “Happy Birthday Mr. Washington!” banner. Students enjoyed figuring out what they would give Washington for his birthday. They came up with the cutest ideas!

There are so many other fun activities that go along with President’s Day. We had fun sorting the hard and soft g sounds. I also used those printables to go over the different sounds with my Parent English class.

I read our class book several times and later let the kids color their individual nonfiction readers that are also included with this packet.

President’s Day was so much more fun this year. How do you celebrate it with your students?

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