Mother’s Day Tea Party Invitations, DIY Hats, Keepsakes, and More!


I’m sharing tips and ideas for hosting a Mother’s Day Tea Party at your school for your preschool, kindergarten, or first grade students. You’ll find invitations, DIY hats made out of butcher paper, keepsake crafts, and so much more!

Mother's Day Tea Party Hats, Photos, Invitations, Keepsakes, and More

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Okay – on to the good stuff. I decided to host a Mother’s Day Tea for the parents of my students this year. I LOVE tea parties. My dad is from Canada so drinking hot tea is a family tradition. If you know me, you know I ALWAYS have a hot tea in my hand (usually in a YETI cup).

My grandma left each of her granddaughters a specific and unique teacup in her will. Over the years, I’ve collected dozens of bone china teacups. I love them so much that we had a “Tea for Two” party when Aniston turned 2. (More details on that in another blog post!)

When I presented at the Alabama Kindergarten Conference, I sat in one of Palma Lindsay’s sessions. (She is the one sitting on the right side of me in the picture below.) She had created the sweetest hats with her students. They were so adorable that I vowed to myself I would make those with my kids and wrote in all capital letters “MAKE MOTHER’S DAY HATS” across my May calendar.

When May arrived I decided the hats and my love for tea parties needed to come together into one memorable event for the mothers in my class.

We just finished our portfolios so it was the perfect time for my students to work on this and get a little much-needed crafting time. The kids loved coloring the invitations & RSVPs in the resource. They are the cutest little teapots and teacups.

There is a cupcake option too. Did I mention that the resource is EDITABLE? I included detailed instructions to make it super simple!

We are planning to have cupcakes, fresh fruit, and hot & cold tea. I wanted to keep it simple and as inexpensive as possible. The cupcakes will be placed inside of teacups to make them extra cute. (After the party I will post some more pics!)

The menus were prepped. Each student will serve their mother, grandmother, etc.

Did you notice the PRICE of each item? So sweet!

We sent home a list with details (also included & editable!)

While we waited for the RSVPs to return we got very busy creating the hats!

Aren’t these hats adorable? We just HAD to have a tea so the moms can model them!

To visit Palma’s blog and read her detailed instructions, go here:

KFundamentals Mother’s Day Hats by Palma Lindsay

Basically, you will cut 2 sheets of 24″ by 24″ butcher paper for each student. We used lots of pinks, purples, whites, and blues.

I made a mixture of about 60% glue and 40% water in a big bowl.

One at a time, I called each student over. They wrote their name in the middle of the bottom sheet. We flipped it over and they painted the top of that sheet with the glue mixture.

Then we laid the “top” sheet on the glue. We placed both sheets over an upside-down bowl. Then we put a bowl slightly larger over the top. (Just make sure you have two “nesting” bowls before you begin.)

I let the students roll the sides up however they wanted. Some of them left the hats big and others rolled them up really tightly. I love how unique each one is.

You can then carefully remove the bowls and it will stay in that position. Just set it aside to dry and you are finished! You could let the students decorate the hats. We simply added a tissue paper flower to each one. They are so excited to give these to their moms!

The whole process really didn’t take too long and luckily I had the rest of them working on a time-consuming fine-motor activity. 😉 They had the tiniest beads to make Mother’s Day necklaces. They loved doing this and stayed very busy while I worked with each student on his or her hat.

My assistant kept the necklaces organized by writing the child’s name on a strip of paper and attaching the strip to the necklace until they are ready to give them to their moms. She hung them on a bulletin board that we are in the process of changing.

You will find a few other fun activities in the resource. The kids enjoyed creating these Mother’s Day cards. We are planning to set them behind each place setting.

We used the banner to make a photo backdrop. Later we added these photos to the “frames” in the resource.

We already have these hanging in the hallway along with a handprint craft. I love the way those turned out.

As a mom, I know keepsake crafts are especially loved if they fold up flat! 😉 We completed these “All About My Mom” printables too. There are alternative versions in the resource in case you have a grandmother or other person attending the tea. I LOVE seeing what my students say about their moms. I have always thought it was cute to hear how old the kids think their moms are. I usually get answers ranging from 11 to 100!

I love this one. My mom is so… JOYFUL!

I am gearing myself up to try and host a Mother’s Day tea for my family too. What are your Mother’s Day traditions? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Click the picture below to read how everything turned out!

Happy Mommy-ing & Teaching this week friends!

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