Simple Moon Dough Recipe


Kids playing with moon dough / moon sand

This 2 ingredient super simple moon dough / moon sand recipe will definitely be a hit with your kids! Today I’m showing you how to make it using flour and baby oil to create a mixture that can best be described as a fun cross between play dough and sand!  

I love planning hands-on activities for Aniston. Several months ago I had seen various pins about making Moon Dough AKA Moon Sand or Cloud Dough. I was intrigued. I looked through some recipes and changed it up just a bit to work for us.

Moon Dough

8 c. flour (I used self-rising since my husband picked it up on accident.)
1 1/4 c. baby oil

That’s it! I have a fairly large island in my kitchen so Aniston helped me mix it up. I placed a big plastic tub, cups, and sand toys on the counter for her. This kept Aniston entertained for hours (with some breaks in between).

She went right to work pushing the dough into the molds and attempting to create various animals. We both liked how soft it was but that it has a similar texture to sand.

When we were finished I was able to dust Aniston’s pajamas off a bit and throw everything in the tub to use another day.

The next day we had a visit from Aniston’s cousin. He was thrilled to try our moon dough. Things got messy pretty quickly 🙂

They were having so much fun… who cares about a little LOT of mess???

My favorite picture of the day which captured the fun perfectly!

I ran around sweeping up the kitchen floor and when it was over they were both stripped and given an early bath. I managed to talk them into one quick hug to show off how messy they got! Obviously, you can avoid all of this mess if you are able to play outside but since it was the middle of Winter when we made ours, the kitchen worked just fine!

I hope your children love Moon Dough as much as we did!

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