Kindergarten I Can Statements


Kindergarten I Can Statements will help students stay focused and engaged! Today I’m sharing what resource is used and loved by more teachers and students than anything I’ve ever created!

Kindergarten I Can Statements


These student-friendly I Can Statements are a total game changer! Every primary grade teacher in my school uses these so students can focus on the daily objectives.

Kindergarten I Can Statements

Have you used I Can statements in your classroom? These simple student-friendly sentences are the best way to keep your students engaged and focused on the intended learning.

I created these student-friendly statements to help children focus on the intended learning objectives. Every single Common Core Standard for the Kindergarten grade level was meticulously broken down so that they make sense to kids. (If you are teaching a different grade level or use a different set of standards – no worries! I’ve got those too!)

Kindergarten I Can Statements

Raise Observation Scores

I was a certified evaluator while teaching in the classroom for my school district for several years. During that time, I was able to learn and grow from visiting other classrooms in your building. It’s an amazing opportunity if you ever get the chance to do so!

One thing I did notice is that teachers struggle with how to address the Common Core Standards. You’ve been there, right? I know I have. We roll our eyes thinking that something is not developmentally appropriate. We laugh at the advanced language used in the standard. How in the world are we supposed to explain that complicated language to kids? It’s a struggle to put it gently! You can use these statements to raise your observation scores. Be sure to introduce the I Can Statement and go over it again at the beginning, middle, and end of your lesson!

Kindergarten I Can Statements

Student-friendly Wording

Teachers were also overwhelmed by the amount of standards and how to rephrase the objective to make sure kids understood what they were learning.

The key to solving this dilemma is to use student-friendly wording. There is no need for the children to hear the complete Common Core Standard at the beginning of the lesson. It is certainly not necessary to say the complete standard in the middle and at the end of the lesson.

Kindergarten I Can Statements

Top of the Page

Instead, try using a simple I Can statement. To begin, I like to show students one of these pages as I introduce the intended learning for the day.

At the top of each page in a bold print, you will find a student-friendly I Can Statement. This helps students take ownership of their learning.

Kindergarten I Can Statements

Bottom of the Page

At the bottom of the page in a bold print, you will find the complete Common Core Standard. This is so you can quickly reference this standard and expectation as needed.

In the middle of the lesson and again at the end, I go over our I Can statement so students can do a little self evaluation about their own understanding.

I Can Statements Aligned with Common Core

Some teachers simply hang these on their white board or bulletin board. I love to use clips on my interactive writing and math bulletin boards to make them easy to switch out.

Reading Standard

Coloring Sheets or Exit Tickets!

I’ve also seen teachers use these as coloring pages after students master a standard or simply to introduce one. I thought it was a completely genius idea to add a black and white copy on the back of a handout students are working on so that they understand the objective. This helps administrators and parents as well as the students understand what the learning target is!

Common Core Aligned I Can Statements

When it comes to report card time, you will be ready to reference the standards to see which ones your students have mastered!

Kindergarten I Can Statements for Students

When I assess for report cards or midterm reports, I pull out the I Can statement. This is so helpful!

Kindergarten I Can Statements to set by stations or centers

Remember, you can print these in color or in black and white. If you use black and white, consider printing them on colored paper so the colors match your decor!

Kindergarten I Can Statements Aligned with Common Core Standards

I hope you LOVE using these with your kids!

Common Core Aligned I Can Statements

The following ones are available!

Florida and Tennessee Specific Standards

Now, the following state specific standards are available!

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Have a great day teaching & parenting friends!

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