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Interactive Math and Interactive Writing Centers

Hi friends,

I wrote this blog post a couple of years ago. Due to buyer requests and my own desire to have one, I have since added an Interactive Math Center to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I promise you, they will both change your life in the classroom! My kids are busy but they are doing something purposeful! They have a choice! They have multiple options and a partner to work quietly with as desired! It is truly a beautiful thing and to fully understand the Interactive Writing and Math Centers. I strongly recommend heading to the link below and watching the 2 minute video about them! Pay attention! I had to talk fast!

Pencils to Pigtails Interactive Writing and Math Center 2 Minute Video on TPT

Now, let’s head back in time to when this all started…

This has been the craziest most exciting week for me! Besides the fact that school is back in session – which is always an exciting time, my video was featured in the TPT newsletter! It is easy for your resources to get lost in all of the amazing resources in TPT so the newsletter gives your product a chance to shine. This has been a goal of mine since I started and I was completely shocked to see it in there. The newsletter is emailed world-wide with the subject “10 Free Downloads”.

In the video, I talk about my top organization tips and my interactive writing center. You can view it here:

(Skip to 4:15 if you only want to hear about the interactive writing center.)

Organizing the Interactive Writing Center & More!

I am thrilled to finally have this center set up in my classroom. This is seriously going to be a game changer for me and my students.

Don’t forget, You can now click on the picture below to find it in my TPT store along with a video of my Interactive Math Center!



I have always struggled with bulletin boards. I’ve never been good about changing them. Who has time for that??? I had tried various ideas and nothing seemed to work well. So this summer I tackled all three of mine.

The one by my table (used to be desk) was full of sentimental pictures and cards but it was so messy that I never could concentrate on them.


I took all of that down and stored the sentimental photos and notes in a drawer in my classroom. I replaced it with the sweetest large 16×20 photo of my students’ hands in the shape of a heart. I LOVE this picture! You can find great deals periodically on Shutterfly to have such a large picture printed up. Then I typed up a “love letter” to my students. I want all of my students to know this and feel this way when they enter and leave my classroom.



This is a FREEBIE in my TPT store! I hope you can use them in your classroom. If you do, please post pictures or email them to me! I would love to see if this resource helped you. Even better – as a thank you for the freebie – please take a few seconds to leave feedback on TPT and click the star by my name to add me to your favorite sellers. I had NO IDEA how important feedback was or that people “favorite” your store until I started selling. Basically it will keep my store from being lost amongst the thousands of other stores!

Bulletin Board Love Letter FREEBIE!!!

Okay – back to the interactive writing center! I cleared out some space under each of my bulletin boards in the front of my room and added a table in front.


I put two chairs at each table. My mom had given me these years ago. They are adorably red and have the sweetest cushion.

Then I added supplies that the students may need. For my board, I put the banner across the top and placed 6 plastic sleeves underneath. I wanted to make sure I left room for a ribbon to drape across the bottom where I could clothespin on the supplies that students may need this week. The easier it is t0 change the better!


I love the way it turned out. I’m thrilled that this one resource has enough activities to keep my students writing all year long! This center is all about motivating reluctant writers and building excitement for all of your students when it comes to writing. This resource is perfect for preschool age through 2nd grade. You will find some differentiated prompts in there.


To see a video explanation of these centers, go here!
(Skip to 4:15 if you only want to hear about the interactive writing center!)

Organizing the Interactive Writing Center & More!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can read through this blog post about organizing my centers with these black and white labels by clicking on the picture below!


How about you? I would love to hear how you are getting your classrooms organized or making your bulletin boards more functional. If you’ve used a product, let me know how it’s working for you and feel free to send me a picture. I would love to see these products in use!


Happy Organizing, Mommy-ing, & Teaching this week friends!


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