Inauguration Day and the Election for Children

How to vote, the voting process, election day, inauguration day, and so much more! My students have LOVED learning all about this year’s Presidential Inauguration with all of these fun activities!

You can find the resource here!
Donald Trump Craftivity and Writing Project

Students loved the White House coloring page.I asked them to color the windows and cut it out. Most of my students decided to paste it on a large sheet of dark blue paper.

Several drew snowflakes or created trees with construction paper. The “road” was completely their idea and I loved it.

I was especially proud of my little boy who created a car from construction paper. Believe me, he was very proud too!

We reviewed our word wall cards and I was pleased that this week students had a much more in depth understanding about the president and what will happen on Inauguration Day.

I also had students complete the coloring sheets provided as morning work this week. I love that these are differentiated to meet individual learning needs. My high students loved the challenge and my lower students were able to build some confidence. The best part was that I didn’t have any early finishers. Crickets in my room and I have a very talkative class!

I also let the students know that we would be holding a mock election to see who should be the school president. I told them that Mr. Hice, our gym teacher and Mr. Mills, our music teacher were the two candidates. The kids were thrilled at just the thought of holding an election. I gave each student a sheet to write the names and draw a picture of the candidates. (I included more advanced ways to compare the two candidates in the resource, but for kindergarten I stuck with a simple sheet. If you teach an older grade you may want to use the Venn diagram page or the page where students list favorable traits on the emojis.)

(Many of my students drew our gym teacher with a basketball and our music teacher with a guitar.)

I told the students that they needed to do some thinking about who they would cast a vote for. I reminded them that they shouldn’t cast a vote just because they like one subject over the other.

Mr. Mills stopped by to tell us that he was older and therefore wiser then Mr. Hice. We plan to talk to Mr. Hice tomorrow to hear why we should vote for him. 🙂

In the meantime, my AMAZING assistant Mel created the most adorable “I Voted Today” stickers for the students to wear after they place their ballot. I included ballots in the resource listed, but I have to admit that I like the ones that Mel surprised us with even better so we will be using those. She also came up with this adorable ballot box! Now, how bad do you want a Mel in your room??? 🙂 At our school we have an assistant for an hour a day and I am so grateful for that!

I have left the ballot box, stickers, and ballots sitting out just to build excitement and it has really worked. My students have been begging me to cast their votes. We will be voting tomorrow and they can’t wait.

Think about how you could use this resource in your classroom. In the past I brought in pictures of my dogs and asked students to decide who should be our Dog President. I told students all about each dog’s good and bad character traits. They had so much fun. I wouldn’t want to let two students run in my room because I could envision a lot of jealousy and hurt feelings.


How could you use this in your room?

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