How to Vote and a Mock Election for Young Children

Have you ever held a mock election for your students? This was a major hit and the perfect way for us to practice essential writing skills while having fun and learning about the voting process, election day, and inauguration day!

We had so much fun with our mock election on Friday. If you are interested in the mock election activities, the craftivity, or studying inauguration day- you can grab that resource here.

TPT – Donald Trump Resource

We have really enjoyed this unit from making Donald Trump’s hair to voting for our school president!

The kids were begging me to let them cast their vote for our new “School President”, but I held them off as long as possible. I told them that it was important to consider all of the positive qualities about both our gym teacher, Mr. Hice, and our music teacher, Mr. Mills. I reminded them that although I knew that gym is always a popular subject, they should not vote for Mr. Hice just because they enjoyed that class. We have been comparing the two candidates all week.

Mr. Hice and Mr. Mills came by to make a plea with my students about why they should vote for them. Mr. Mills pointed out that he was older and therefore wiser. Mr. Hice came by and really pepped the kids up by reminding them that he teaches them games and his class is fun. His “speech” was a little more passionate then Mr. Mills. 🙂

Later in the day, I asked students to write both teachers’ names on the ballot and place a check mark beside the candidate they wanted to vote for.( If you haven’t read my previous post, my assistant Mel made us this beautiful ballot box, ballots, and “I Voted Today” stickers. The kids were thrilled!)

Drumroll please…………..

Mr. Hice came out ahead! I asked my kids why they voted for him and I was so impressed with their answers. Several said, “He keeps us healthy!” or “He teaches us new games!” My favorite answer was when one child said, “He keeps us hydrated!” I asked him if he knew what that word meant and he said, “Yes! It means you drink a lot of water!”

So congratulations to Mr. Hice, our new School President (according to Mrs. Statum’s class anyways). Congratulations to Mr. Mills as well who was named the new School Vice President. I tried to explain the term Vice President by comparing it to our Vice Principal. Students were quick to say “Oh! Like Mrs. Sylvia!” (Our school secretary!)

I can’t wait to show them some video on Friday of the actual Inauguration Day. How exciting is it that my kindergarten students can tell you all about the President’s role, the activities that will take place on Inauguration Day and explain how the election process works? (All while sneaking in lots of handwriting, reading and writing standards!)

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Election and the Inauguration Day Set-up!

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