Hurricane STEM Activities, Experiments, Demonstrations, the Red Cross & More!


My students really enjoyed learning all about hurricanes using experiments, demonstrations, writing prompts, and more. The projects I’m writing about today provide such a great way to introduce science concepts and focus to a weather unit.

Hurricane STEM Projects for Primary Grades

Phew! This has been a week. You have no idea how many times I forgot what day it was. It has been that crazy. I’m a mentor teacher at my school so I’m juggling evaluating other teachers, being observed myself, 16 kindergarten kids at the beginning of the year, and coming home to a 1 and a 3 year old. Oh yeah, I have a blog and TPT store to keep up with too. Do you ever wish there were just a few more hours in the day? I could use them to catch up on some sleep and spend a little more time with my baby girls!

Enough rambling.. on to a super fun and RELEVANT resource! I just posted a new “All About Hurricanes” unit and a new “All About the Red Cross” resource. The best way to purchase them is as a bundle! You can grab it by clicking the cover below:

We had SO MUCH FUN with this unit. I had a parent come in this week and tell me that her son was telling her all about “hurnicanes” after we studied them. 🙂 I’m happy that the students are so excited about our activities that they are talking about them at home. I feel like that’s a good sign!

With Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma hitting Texas and Florida recently, I started to wonder if my students were nervous or frightened from hearing it discussed among adults or on the news. So I decided to create a nonfiction class book to describe these potentially catastrophic storms. I truly believe that knowledge is empowering for students.

I tried MANY demonstrations, experiments, and activities and have compiled the best ones in this resource – along with any “hiccup” tips from things that went a little wrong the first time. I wanted to be sure that every item needed is something inexpensive and found in your kitchen!

You can actually head over here to see a FREE video demonstration of one of the ideas you can use with your kids!

Hurricane Ideas for the Classroom by Pencils to Pigtails

In the resource you will find detailed instructions, more classroom photos, planning sheets, reflection sheets, writing prompts, a map where students will make the connection about why the states that border an ocean are the ones most often impacted by hurricanes, and a sheet for students to generate ideas on how they can help victims of a hurricane. Of course that beautifully photographed nonfiction class book and some word wall cards are included which will help you lead a really good discussion with your group.

Here are some sneak peeks of what we did in class!

Students had a blast seeing if they could build structures to withstand the mighty winds of a hurricane (aka Mrs. Statum’s hairdryer! 🙂 )

Don’t forget, you can head to my TPT store to see a free video of our “Hurricane in a Bowl” by clicking the picture below! (You will need to be on the “desktop view” to see the entire video!)


After I finished the unit, I decided to create a unit about how the Red Cross helps victims of disaster.

I bundled them together to create the perfect resource for this time of year!

I hope your students enjoy this fun unit as much as mined did!

Click on any of the covers below to find it in my store!

Happy Teaching and Mommy-ing this week!

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