Home Depot Kids Workshops – An Unbiased Review

Home Depot Kids Workshop Review

Every month we head to Home Depot for a free DIY workshop for kids. I’m sharing our experience with building, painting, collecting pins, snacking, and more today on the blog!

I know I called this an unbiased review, but I might should mention that I have a special place in my heart for Home Depot. We have a smaller Home Depot about a mile from our house and I absolutely adore it.

It all started back when I was single and living by myself in the house that formerly belonged to my grandparents. It needed some updating and over the course of a couple of years I visited that Home Depot a lot – A LOT – A LOT!

Everyone there was always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help me. I’ll never forget the time I decided to install a tiled backsplash in my kitchen and they told me to take the wet-saw home with me to complete the project. Although they knew me from seeing me in the store, they didn’t even take down my name and number… just let me walk out of there with it!

Anyways, I had heard about the kids workshops and wanted to give it a try so we went to our first one in April. The kids were going to learn how to build a bunny basket. I signed Aniston up about a month earlier and had the time it started marked on my calendar. Totally unnecessary. At my Home Depot you could come anytime so you didn’t have to worry if you wouldn’t be there at the starting time. I was so happy when we walked in and they had all of the supplies ready for us and free snacks and drinks. Aniston was thrilled!


We brought along her cousin Whitney and they each worked on one. I loved that each of the products came with detailed instructions, stickers and everything you would possibly need.


Aniston wanted to use the hammer. I let her with very close supervision! 🙂

Once we had the pieces assembled, it was time to add the paint! Aniston LOVED this part!

As we were working, families were walking up and seeing the projects and joining in! It was a very laid-back event.

There was a pre-made sample if you wanted to follow their painting tips or you could paint it whatever colors you wanted. We went with our own unique creation! 🙂

We painted the inside of our basket too!

We were so pleased with the finished product! Aniston wanted to show it off to everybody! We will definitely be signing up for the Home Depot Kids Workshops in the future.

(Update – since this post we’ve done at least 20 workshops. Make sure you keep your pins to decorate your apron! The workshops always take place on the first Saturday of each month with an extra one on the Saturday after Black Friday! These workshops are perfect to stop by if you happen to be traveling with young kids as it gets them out of the car for a little break. We’ve stopped all over and I will warn you that not all Home Depots have snacks but ours always does!)

Pin the image below to remind yourself about upcoming projects!

Home Depot Kids Workshop Experience

If you are interested, you can click here for more information!
Home Depot Kids & DIY Workshops


What about you? Have you ever attended the kids’ workshops? I would love to hear about your experience!

Happy Teaching and Mommy-ing this week friends!


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