Solar Eclipse – Activities, Viewers, Writing Prompts, Party Ideas, & MORE!


Solar Eclipse Activities

Are you looking for solar eclipse activities for a fun way to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse? I’m so excited about this 2024 Eclipse! Over 31 million Americans will experience a total eclipse; however, 99% of Americans will experience at least a partial eclipse. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for so many of us in North America!

Solar Eclipse Activities, Crafts, Writing Prompts, and more ideas

Completely Updated!

I partnered with Deedee Wills to refresh my Solar Eclipse resource so that is JAM-PACKED with fun activities including low-prep crafts, differentiated centers, decodables, editable party letters, interactive teaching slides, 2 different types of viewer instructions using items you already have like construction paper, class books, writing prompts, and so much more! We made sure to emphasize the importance of safe activities so there is no risk of potential damage to the eyes. I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to teach your children all about our light source, the sun!

You can find the new resource by clicking on the picture below! If you already own it, head over to redownload it from your My Purchases page.

Solar Eclipse Activities for Young Children

Upper Grades

***  UPDATE!!! Due to requests, I just added a resource for 3rd – 6th grade older kids which you can find by clicking the picture below! You’ll find so many ways to celebrate the big day from a pinhole projector simple viewer to solar eclipse cupcakes. I’ve packed it with class books, research projects, vocabulary cards, and low prep crafts. This is such an easy and great way to enjoy this once in a lifetime event!

Solar Eclipse Resource for Upper Grades

Party Ideas and Preparation

I’ve been busy getting ready for the party we will have. There are lots of party ideas included in the resource… think snacks, activities, and costumes! My kids love wearing the headbands and completing a little theatrical production of it!

In 2017, my principal purchased enough glasses for every student to have a pair on the day of the eclipse. It is DANGEROUS to look directly at the eclipse. We are not in the path of totality but we are very close so I think it will be a great experience for everybody.


You can grab the same glasses I did here (affiliate links at no extra cost to you!):

Don’t worry! – if you don’t have access to the special glasses- I’ve included 2 different versions of DIY viewers with instructions and letters to parents if you need help collecting the supplies. It’s so exciting to build your viewer and then find the sun in it!

Solar Eclipse Activities and Interactive Teaching Slides

What are some other things you will find? I love these interactive teaching slides that we’ve added. Students can help you answer the questions and then have the unique opportunity move the moon to reveal the answer. Students will be able to use the vocabulary cards and little moon activity to understand how sun’s rays are blocked by the moon during a partial solar eclipse and total solar eclipse.

Remember to remind students how dangerous it would be to look at it with human eyes. They must wear solar eclipse glasses with solar filters or use viewers in order to experience it in a safe way. You can create the pinhole viewer or the tube viewer that are detailed within the resource. Most students will not be able to remember the eclipse on August 21st, 2017 so this will be their first time to experience the Great American Eclipse! Remember, this is the last time some will be able to see one from the United States. The next solar eclipse will not be visible for us for 20 years!

You kids will LOVE the simple Little Moon Activity that will help them understand how the moon is able to block the front of the sun! It is such an easy and fun activity!

Don’t you just love this cute and SIMPLE solar eclipse craft? Students will adore this one where they will understand the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon during an eclipse. Be sure to check your standards to see if a study of the solar system, lunar eclipse, annular eclipse, or moon phases introduction should be introduced during this time.

We are also offering you a freebie! Grab your EDITABLE color by code resource and a couple of no-prep centers for this special event by clicking on the photo below!


I hope you find lots of good ideas and enjoy this resource that will help you enjoy the big event! These fun solar eclipse activities will be loved by both older and small children and that all of you will have a great time!

Looking for more about our experience celebrating the 2017 Great American Eclipse? Head here!

If you love easy science projects as much as I do, head over here to read about my Simple Science resource!

Happy Eclipsing!!!

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  1. Could you sell just the eclipse model, the sun,the moon, and earth? I departmentalize and will not have time for all those great activities, I love what you have done, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do all of them. I would be willing to just purchase the model, if you are interested please let me know:) Thank you:)

    1. Sorry Stacey! I just saw your message. I get so much SPAM on my blog that it takes me forever to go through all of the comments. If you ever need anything else you can reach me quicker through email or by clicking “Ask a question” in my store on TPT. I usually respond within the day where as on here it takes me a week or two to read through all the comments. THANKS!

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