Grandparents Day in the Primary Classroom

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa Book

Grandparents Day can be celebrated in the kindergarten, preschool, or first grade classroom with keepsake crafts, writing prompts, informative books, interviews, and so much more!

Today I’m sharing how we honor Grandparents each year using pieces from my Grandparents resource! I don’t think anyone has impacted my life more than my grandparents. They are absolutely my heroes! This makes Grandparents Day especially meaningful to me.

Berenstain Bears Week at Grandma's Book

Grandparents Day Introduction

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Do you remember the Berenstain books? They can seem so long now but I love that they are building our students’ listening stamina!

I have a dream of being a children’s picture book author one day and in my research discovered that most picture book companies will not accept manuscripts with over 500 words. Most Berenstain Bear books have well over 1,000!

This book is such a cute way to introduce your unit about Grandparents Day. I also like to play the video of this episode which you can usually find on youtube.

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa Book

This is another favorite of mine! I LOVE Llama Llama books and I was completely devastated when I heard Anna Dewdney passed away. Her gift for rhyme and rhythm is unmatched in my opinion.

The picture in the book when they look at the stars? Simply magical!

Grandparents Day Book by Pencils to Pigtails

Nonfiction Book

Have you ever asked students what the name of their Grandma or Grandpa is? Some shrug their shoulders and say they don’t have one. While it may be the case that a few haven’t met their grandparents, for the most part, it is simply that they call them by a different name.

Grandparents Day Book by Pencils to Pigtails

I made sure to make this clear in the book. I also like to discuss how my Hispanic children may call their grandma “abuela” or their grandpa “abuelo”. This is usually met with nods of excitement!

Grandparents Day Book by Pencils to Pigtails

This is just a sample of some of the pages in the book. I also explain when Grandparents Day takes place and how to celebrate with homemade gifts and quality time together!

Nonfiction Grandparents Book by Pencils to Pigtails

Grandparents Day Interviews

We all need quick & easy, especially at the beginning of the school year! I love to send these interviews home for the kids to complete with help from their parents.

Grandparents Day Interviews

A parent letter is included so all you have to do is print the pages and add the parent explanation. They are so proud of these when they bring them back in.

Grandparents Day Interview by Pencils to Pigtails

I helped Aniston fill these out as she interviewed my mom and dad over the phone. She was really fascinated by their answers and loved explaining them in more detail to the class.

After each student has shared the interviews they conducted, I add a piece of yardstick paper to the back to really make them a nice keepsake for the students and grandparents to cherish.

Grandparents Day Photo Frames

Grandparents Day Keepsake Craft

This is just one of the frames included. How hilarious is it that I asked the custodian to leave the lawn mower out at school so I could have each of my students pose with it? I think these turned out SO CUTE!

All About My Grandparents

I absolutely LOVE seeing what my students know about their grandparents. It’s always so cute to see how old they think their grandparent are.

All About My Grandparents Page by Pencils to Pigtails

I’ve included these for grandmas, grandpas, and with alternate wording to use as needed. With kindergarten, I like to ask them the questions and then write their answers for them. Later in the year, they could write their own.

Add a piece of construction paper or cardstock to the back and you will cherish this forever!

Handprint Keepsakes

Grandparents Day Craft

Pair your “All About Grandparents” page with these adorable handprint crafts for the perfect gifts!

Grandparents Day Handprint Crafts

How cute are these? I lay out all of the handprint crafts I want to use and do them all at once. My assistant is alway so helpful with them. I get lots of questions about the help I receive in the classroom. In my school district, kindergarten teachers receive an assistant for an hour per day.

This would also be the perfect craft if you have parent volunteers to help!

What else is included?

I’ve just started to touch on everything included in the resource. One of my favorite things about this unit is that so much is included, I can pick and choose what I want to use each year. For example, last year we made the large grandparents for a hallway display craft but this year we ran out of time for that!

Let me share the product covers in case you would like to use this with your kids!

Grandparents Day Resource by Pencils to Pigtails
Grandparents Day Unit by Pencils to Pigtails
Grandparents Day Resource by Pencils to Pigtails
Grandparents Day Unit by Pencils to Pigtails

I want to hear from you!

Do you do much for Grandparents Day with your students? At my school, we typically invite the grandparents in for breakfast or lunch. It is so special and I want my students to always cherish these relationships!

Let me know your plans!

Did you try this easy 2 ingredient homemade play dough? It’s perfect for practicing letter formation!

You will love these adorable graham cracker pencil snacks too!

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Grandparents Day Resource by Pencils to Pigtails

Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week friends!

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