Graham Cracker Pencil Snacks – Easy and Unique!

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Easy Graham Cracker Pencil School Snacks

Looking for school snack ideas for kindergarten or another grade level? These adorable graham cracker pencil snacks are super tasty and today I’m sharing an easy way to create these for children!

I couldn’t resist creating these for my kindergarten students after seeing several variations all over Pinterest! I’ve seen them made out of sugar wafers and sugar cookies. The graham cracker ones were definitely the most appealing to me.


You just need a few easy to find inexpensive items to make these! (These are affiliate links, which means if you purchase I earn a small amount at no additional cost to you!)

First Things First

Let me save you A LOT of frustration! Yes, the skinny pencil is cute. HOWEVER, we wasted almost an entire box of graham crackers trying to break them in half long ways. I even tried using a very sharp kitchen knife! Every time that you try to cut them, they crumble. The skinny one below was the best one I came up with out of a whole box!

Graham Cracker Pencil Snacks

I wish I had taken a picture of the pile of crumbs we were left with! Thinking back, if you really want the skinny pencil, you could try microwaving them to see if that makes them softer and easier to break or cut in half…

Graham Cracker Pencil Shapes with Sharpened Area

But my suggestion is to make these large pencils! All you have to do is use a knife or kitchen scissors to cut the point. The larger shape equals a more substantial snack AND they are so much easier to make!

How to Assemble Graham Cracker Pencils for School Snacks

When you have the graham crackers cut to the correct shape, simply add white frosting to create the sharpened portion of the pencil.

Then, add pink frosting to the bottom to make the eraser.

Finally, add a mini chocolate chip to create the pencil point.

Graham Cracker Pencil Snacks

My kids were such good sports about eating the short stubby pencils I started out with before I discovered the “whole cracker” pencil.

My daughter was hanging out with me after school and was the taste-tester of the big pencil. She whole-heartedly approved!

Graham Cracker Pencil Snack

So what do you think? Would you give these adorable graham cracker pencil snacks a try?

Pin this to try later!

Graham Cracker School Pencil Snacks

Up next, I’m sharing what to do with that leftover frosting because believe me – you will have some! HINT – It’s a delicious HANDS-ON activity!

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Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week friends!

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