Easy and Edible Frosting Play Dough


This two ingredient easy and edible frosting play dough recipe is amazing! You know what the best part is? It’s really tasty! In fact, it’s so delicious that your kids will be absolutely drooling over it while you mix it up!

Easy and Edible Frosting Play Dough Recipe

Did you make these adorable graham cracker pencils? If so, the leftover frosting is just what you need for this simple to make and fun play dough!

Leftover Frosting from the Adorable Graham Cracker Pencil Snacks

I had put the frosting in the refrigerator at school for a couple of days and just knew I had to find something to do with all of that leftover frosting… I mean if I didn’t then where exactly do you think it would end up? The idea crossed my mind that mixing the frosting with flour would make a play dough type manipulative. A quick search on Pinterest showed me that you can mix frosting with powdered sugar to make a delicious EDIBLE and super easy frosting play dough!

2 Ingredients for Easy Frosting Play Dough

Hopefully you have some frosting left from the graham cracker pencils, if not then here is a quick list of what you will need!

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  • Pink Whipped Frosting (Of course, any color or flavor will work!)
  • Powdered Sugar
  • (Just kidding with this bullet! I mean, you really only need those 2 ingredients! How easy is this?!?!)
Two Ingredient Edible Play Dough Recipe

These were the 2 frostings I had left from the graham cracker pencils. Either works fine although I prefer the pink whipped. You can also see my container of powdered sugar above.

Process for Making Easy Frosting Play Dough

Powdered Sugar and Frosting Play Dough Recipe

All you have to do is dump your leftover (or entire can) of frosting into a bowl. Add powdered sugar until you get the consistency you desire. I could stir for a bit with a wooden spoon but soon needed to use my fingers.

Easy and Edible Frosting Play Dough

This is the consistency you are looking for. When it’s no longer sticking to your fingers, you are golden! My students were sitting around me in a circle and just begging to try some!

Easy and Edible Frosting Play Dough for Letter Formation

Doesn’t this just make you want to try it? I demonstrated how to roll the play dough into a ball, form various letters, and shapes.

Letter Formation using Edible Play Dough Recipe

Time to Practice Letter & Shape Formations

We made this during the first week of kindergarten so there was a little lesson about how we don’t throw the play dough and how to clean it up.

Letter Formation

And then it was time to head outside! I gave each student a paper plate and a handful. I asked them to form letters and then try some as they pleased. I did make sure to warn them not to eat too much or they would have a tummy ache!

Letter B using Frosting Play Dough

You can see that they got busy practicing letter formation.

Letter Formation

You should have heard the giggles as they tried bites of their play dough!

After I gave them the go ahead, the students LOVED making snowmen. We made these in August but snowmen are always a hit!

Snowmen using Edible Play Dough

Can you believe that this is made out of just 2 EDIBLE ingredients?

What do you think? Will you try this easy frosting play dough recipe with your children? Let me know how it goes!

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Edible Frosting Play Dough

Happy Teaching & Mommy-ing this week Friends!

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