Babyland General Hospital – Our Trip to the Cabbage Patch Hospital


Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital for DollsHave you been to the Babyland General Hospital? It’s a must see Cabbage Patch Dolls Birthplace in Cleveland, Georgia! I’m sharing everything you need to know in order to have a successful visit to this memorable stop with your toddlers or other little moms or dads in training!

Oh my heart! I have always dreamed of having daughters (SISTERS!!!) and a trip to the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital can make me want to weep at the fact that I have my little girls. 🙂

It really is a fun little outing for your kids and would be a “must-see” for our family so I wanted to share my experience with you in case you are considering the same!

It was a rainy day when we pulled up, but such a beautiful location!


First of all, be prepared to spend some money. Admission is FREE… but and it’s a big BUT… your kids will be walking amongst beautiful dolls and all of the accessories you could ever possibly dream up and chances are that you will be guilted into buying something. The dolls are pretty expensive. My mom had bought Baby Heidi one for her first birthday complete with a birth certificate, bottle, and blankets so I didn’t feel the need to buy my 15 month old another one.


It was really fun to let Aniston find a doll. When you walk in, you are greeted at the “nurse’s station”. They have a lot of cute little puns. In the front room you can walk around and look at the glass cases full of original Cabbage Patch dolls that are worth $15,000. It was fun to look at those.

Then you can have your picture made on a giant cabbage leaf – because… well…. because who doesn’t want a family photo made on a giant cabbage leaf???

Aniston LOVES her cousins “Mimi and Wiwi” (AKA Emily and Lily :))

Next you walk through a few special rooms where you will see babies in their cribs and set up in a hospital like setting. We were a little disappointed that this part didn’t last longer. From what we recalled this part of the the hospital had been downsized and they had made their store much bigger.

The store area is interactive which really adds to the experience.

It is really fun to walk around and just take everything in. You can see babies coming in and out of the cabbages and your child can actually pull out the doll they want if they see one. Of course, Aniston wanted to get her doll glasses, a diaper, and a bottle set.

Baby Heidi was way too excited to hold still for pictures! 🙂

This was the previous location and as you can tell, they have really improved the place!

I had been to Baby Land at its previous location and both times everyone was invited to witness a “live birth”. It’s pretty adorable. A nurse comes out and informs the crowd about what is going to happen. (Mother Cabbage is about to have a baby!!!) She asks everyone to take deep breaths and count before pulling the baby out. That is one of the more memorable parts of the day. After the birth, you can head over to the window to see her check the baby – just like you would if you were at a real hospital. There must be some way to pay for this extra experience or perhaps they select a lucky person. I’m not sure how the “mother” of the live birth is decided.

After Aniston had picked out a baby and all the accessories it was time to check out. I think we paid around $75. Again, if you are worried about money, it is fine to go in, look around, play with the dolls for a bit and leave.. but you may have a whiny child on your hands! Plus, it was such a special occasion that it was worth it to us.

After the purchase you head to another counter where you officially “adopt” your baby. At first Aniston wanted to name her baby “Turtle” or “Monkey”. I think she even mentioned “Ham”?!?

I rattled off a list of possible names and she chose “Whitney” after her cousin.

You can even select a special birthday for your baby. Whitney Kay (my mom, myself, and Aniston also have Kay as a middle name) was born on June 30, 2017. We stuck with that date since it happened to be Dustin and I’s 5 year anniversary!

The girls had so much fun playing together with their new dolls!

What do you think? Would you want to visit Babyland General Hospital???

Happy Mommy-ing & Teaching this week friends!

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