100 Years Old on the 100th Day of School

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Free Writing Prompt for 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is always my favorite day of kindergarten! Why? Well… for some odd reason I LOVE dressing up like a granny and the kids crack me up. Like many other teachers, we tell the students to dress like they think they will look when they are 100.

They come up with the cutest ideas!

I tell them nonchalantly in the days leading up that I have to be in meetings that day so my grandma will be coming to teach school and that she is 100 years old.

The conversations typically go something like this, “Let me pull the snacks down from the cupboard because Granny can’t reach those.” “You guys may have to show Grannny how to turn on the computer. They didn’t have those when she was in school.” The kids are always excited to meet her!

This year I hit up Goodwill for a navy floral dress complete with purple flowers and shoulder pads. I found some of my grandma’s old clip on earrings – (mismatched of course), my mom’s bifocals, a snowflake brooch, some knee-high pantyhose (one leg wrinkled around the ankle) and pulled out my favorite Granny wig – braided bun and all. I covered my face in white eye-shadow and attempted to draw on some wrinkles. Then I added some bright pink lipstick. I threw on an Easter hat, grabbed one of my grandma’s old bags and filled it with some knitting needles and a cross-stitch. Another teacher let me borrow her grandma’s walker.

I was laughing to myself at how my morning started and how it ended!

Unfortunately, one child knew right away that it was me so and she proceeded to tell everyone else so I wasn’t able to trick them. (Several years ago I was able to trick the kids all day!) Oh, well… there’s always next year. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and I used a granny voice most of the day. I just LOVE the costumes my students came up with!

100th day of school costumes
100th Day of School Fun!

This is one of those experiences that I think my students will remember when they are older or at least get a kick out of looking at pictures from this day so the hassle is totally worth it to me.

I created a FREEBIE you can grab at my TPT store! We actually didn’t get to this printable until the next day but my students had so much fun drawing a picture of their teacher’s granny. 🙂

I loved how some of them thought to include my walker. 🙂

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What about you? How do you celebrate the 100th day of school?

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